St Machan’s Primary

Campsie anglers show St Machans how to fish

St Machan’s primary school were paid a special visit by representatives from the Campsie Angling Association in May. During the Meet Your River stage of the project, Danny Connor and Michael Cassidy gave pupils a demonstration of fly-casting, a first-hand insight into why it might be useful to know about the riverflies that inhabit the river.

Thanks go to the Campsie Angling Association for their involvement and support of the project.

After the electro-fishing, fly-casting, and kick-sampling, the pupils took invertebrate samples from the river back to the classroom for closer inspection.

Have a look at some of the photos from the day.

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Clyde River Foundation: pics from St Machan’s fish release

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St Machan’s: babies are growing

Primary 7 are really enjoying looking after the alevins. Rebecca Tonner, along with her group of helpers is in charge of ensuring that the water bottles are in place every day.

We are really amazed at how fast the little fish have grown.

We are going to Edinburgh for three days and are leaving our little ‘babies’ in the charge of the Janny! Hope he looks after them well.

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