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Holycross find trout (and knotweed…) along the Garrel burn

Not only did pupils from Holycross primary school gather an impressive sample of invertebrates from their local river, they also found a non-native plant on the banks of the Garrel. After watching the Clyde River Foundation’s Davie and Justyna electrofish in the burn – allowing them to see up close some healthy-sized trout – they walked along the river on the hunt for a less welcome part of the ecosystem.

As part of the project, pupils were challenged to find any of the four major ‘Invasive Non-native’ plant species that can now be found in Scotland (Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed, Skunk Cabbage). And unfortunately they did just that, tracking down a large stand of Japanese Knotweed just opposite the football park. Well done for honing those identification skills….!

Here’s some photos from the day – feel free to send us some captions for each picture.

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Clyde River Foundation: pictures from Holy Cross’ release day

Hello folks,
We hope you had a great day. Here are a few pictures from the Garrel Burn.

How is the classroom without the hatchery? Are you looking forward to ‘Meet your river’ day?

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Holy Cross: scientists for the future

We were told this morning that our lovely little fish are now ready to be released into the wild!!! We are excited about Friday our release day but we are also very sad that we will no longer have the fish! Here is a few voices from our class ….

Rebecca thinks that the fish are exciting to have in the class and that we have learned lots of information about them and their habitat!

Rachel E likes checking the temperatures on the thermometer – a scientist for the future perhaps!

Michael G definitely wants to do this project again.

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Holy Cross: looking forward to the release

Holy Cross had a fabulous time at the Glasgow Science centre for the introduction to looking after their fish Hatchery. As well as this they had a great time playing in and around the science centre. Now that we are back in school and into week 3 of looking after the fish we are doing a great j0b of checking the fish temperatures on a regular basis and we are able to see just how fast our little fish are growing.

We are now looking forward to releasing them so they can grow even bigger!

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