Harestanes Primary

Harestanes pupils meet their river….

Harestanes primary school pupils were transformed into young scientists for the day, as they took kick samples from the Luggie Water and observed electrofishing by the Clyde River Foundation.

Here are some pictures from the day. We’d love it if you could supply captions for the images…. get in touch via the website to send in your captions.

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Clyde River Foundation: pics from Harestanes primary fish release day

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Harestanes: pupils excited about release

Alesha – Hi i am really enjoying having the fish and looking after them . i didn’t realise how fast they grew it’s amazing ! I am looking forward to releasing them in to the river ….

Christopher Dickens- our fish are doing excellent we have made sure that we are taking very good care of them i hope that they grow even more soon  🙂

Tierney – hello we are looking forward to releasing our trout into the luggie. We have been learning about how to look after the trout and we are shocked at how quickly they grow. thank you very much , tierney xx

Bob – right this is so cool

Kimberley – hi i am loving the fish i am looking forward to takeing them down to the river xx cant wait  see yous soon. :) Oh see when the fish change are all the kids in harestanes takeing a bag down to the river? oh well this is time for me to go becouse i have work but i will see you soon 🙂

Alicia – hi i’m so happy the fish have improved and in two weeks we are going to take them down to the river but i am upset that we have to part from them i will miss the fish bye bruno. :)

Craig – harestanes primary school is doing well with their trout we hope thay will do well in the luggie.

Gabrielle – I think the fish are growing well i cant wait untill i go to the river!
I hope to see you soonxx :D

Rachel – hello, we have been enjoying looking after the fish and we all cant wait until we release them into the luggie. thank you byeee.

Rachael – OMG OMG are fish are nearly redy to go down to the river 🙁 . i will miss them all but sadly i wont miss that they smelled like smelly feet lol lol !!! bye bye max miss you xx 🙂

Caitlin – hiya i am from harestanes primary school and it was just to say that i am VERY excited about taking the fish down to the luggie. They have changed alot since we got them: they have a long black bodies and little food bubbles attached to their front

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