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Banton pupils put river beasties under the microscope

The pupils of Banton primary school found a wide range of inverterbrate species during their Meet Your River day, signalling that their burn is in pretty good health. After kick sampling in the Banton burn just down the road from the school, pupils got a closer look at the tiny creatures including mayflies, worms and some fascinating cased caddis fly larvae….

Have a look at what Banton unearthed from their local river….

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Clyde River Foundation: pictures from Banton’s fish release!

It was a soggy, but very fun day when Banton Primary released their fish in Banton Burn.

Have a look at a few pictures we took during the morning.

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Banton: fish getting bigger and darker

Primary 3/4 are continuing to notice changes in the trout. They are getting bigger and darker. They are starting to swim closer to the surface. The tank is still very clean but we have to keep an eye on the tempaerature as at times it is becoming too hot. We are checking them nearly every hour to keep the temperature down.

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Banton: amazing change!

Egg delivery at Banton primary

Primary 3/4 at Banton Primary are participating in the Kids and the Kelvin project. We are amazed at the changes in the trout already. This is due to the great deal of care the pupils are taking in keeping the tank clean and regulating the temperature!

Banton primary's hatchery looking in good shape

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