Kids and the Kelvin pupil feedback wordle


We received some great feedback from the project. Below are a few responses from pupils and teachers alike.

My favourite thing was the electrofishing, kick sampling, identifying the fish and releasing the trout because I got to see everything in the burn. (Pupil from Chapelgreen Primary)

I liked when we done kick sampling because we got wet and saw loads of cool beasties (Pupil from Harestanes Primary)

I really enjoyed the field day activities. Both indoor and outdoor experiments provided excellent opportunities for the children to engage in active learning and to take responsibility for their learning. (Teacher, Oxgang Primary)

I liked releasing the fish best because I felt really happy that we were improving the river by letting the fish go and we were doing good for the environment and I am so glad. (Pupil from Holycross Primary)

The part I liked the best was having the fish in our class because I enjoyed watching them grow and liked learning about all the different things about them. (Pupil from St Flannans Primary)

I like looking in the microscopes because you can see what it really looks like and how it moves and see if they have scales or not. (Pupil from St Flannans Primary)

Everything worked like clockwork – a bonus of having a good adult-pupil ratio (Teacher, Balmalloch Primary)

I liked identifying the fish we caught and going down to the river and watching Lesley and David catch the fish with the electric equipment and I also liked kicksampling. I loved making the mayfly that was my favourite.
my favourite was identifying the invertebrates because it was cool and a lot of thing i saw i didn’t know where alive. (Pupil from Kilsyth Primary)

I liked looking after the trout because it was like being a mum (Pupil from Kilsyth Primary)

The entire project was great. The children enjoyed every aspect of it and learned a lot. (Teacher, Kilsyth Primary)

I liked identifying the invertebrates because it was fun and I learned some more about insects that live in water (Pupil from Oxgang Primary)

I don’t know the best bit of it because it was all very very good and it was fun. But i expressly liked looking after the trout. I liked going kick sampling. (Pupil from Kilsyth Primary)

The people working with the project were approachable and knowledgeable. They helped to make it a deeper learning experience for the children. Thanks. (Teacher, Chapelgreen Primary)

I liked looking after the fish in school because we have never done anything like this before (Pupil from Twechar Primary)

What I liked best was catching the fish because of that big electric machine and the big fishes we seen, especially since we were the first people to see a salmon in the Board Burn (Pupil from Twechar Primary)

Child-centred project. Pupils took full responsibility for looking after the fish eggs. (Teacher, St Patricks Primary)

You can view the feedback questionnaires below and a spreadsheet of all questionnaire responses is available on request.

Teacher questionnaire pdf

Pupil questionnaire pdf

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