Holycross find trout (and knotweed…) along the Garrel burn

Not only did pupils from Holycross primary school gather an impressive sample of invertebrates from their local river, they also found a non-native plant on the banks of the Garrel. After watching the Clyde River Foundation’s Davie and Justyna electrofish in the burn – allowing them to see up close some healthy-sized trout – they walked along the river on the hunt for a less welcome part of the ecosystem.

As part of the project, pupils were challenged to find any of the four major ‘Invasive Non-native’ plant species that can now be found in Scotland (Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed, Skunk Cabbage). And unfortunately they did just that, tracking down a large stand of Japanese Knotweed just opposite the football park. Well done for honing those identification skills….!

Here’s some photos from the day – feel free to send us some captions for each picture.

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